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    Most people have thought about ways they could live a healthier life.  At some point, most people try to make some of these changes. When we are successful at doing so, it feels great!  Unfortunately, we also know that making some health behavior changes are quite difficult. Some of the things that people struggle with are losing weight, quitting smoking, and managing stress.  Cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing are two empirically based types of therapy that have been shown to be effective at helping people make these changes. Motivational Interviewing, or MI, is incredibly effective at helping people overcome the ambivalence that is so common when someone is trying to make a change.  Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is effective at helping people make the necessary changes and help them stick for the long-term. Combining MI and CBT can help most people make the changes they want to make in the best interest of their health.

    In addition to my training in CBT throughout my graduate studies, I also received intensive training in MI while at the VA hospital.  I have spent the last decade training others in the use of MI to help people make health behavior changes. While at the VA, I ran both the smoking cessation clinic and the weight management clinic and have worked with people in a variety of settings helping them make these changes for their health.  To learn more or to schedule an initial visit, please contact me.